Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What are we marketing to our kids????

So I came across this commercial for Barbie, the iconic fashion doll for all ages.  As a dog lover/addict I was pleased to see that Barbarie was a responsible dog owner.  The doll and dog comes with treats and a fancy pink and purple poopa scoopa vacuum thingy.  Then I watched the commercial.

Disturbing, unsanitary, inhumane are just three words that immediately come to mind.  As the owner of five dogs and one who suffers from coprohagia it is NOT a good idea to show a dog eating its own poop!  A child's imagination can only go so far and this is way more disturbing and up there with mom and dad having sex!  Poop is taboo!  I don't care if everyone poops...we don't have toys that advocate a being munching down on their waste!

Ok so this toy came to market in 2006 and in November 2006, Mattel had a voluntary recall of Barbie and Tanner.  It wasn't because people were outraged at Tanner eating his poop that Mattel recalled.  It was a magnet problem with the pooper scooper.

What other crazy toys have you seen?  or products?  One of my all-time favorites is still the Chia Pet bust where you get a nice bald guy and you end up with a 1970s guy with a bad perm!  Like the guy on the 70's Show...you know -- Donna's dad.  Ok so speaking of the 70's Show, did you know that the last chick who was on Charlie's Angel...Tanya someone or other...played Donna's Mom?  How do you make a hot redhead from a dorky guy with a bad perm and a sort of cougar-like lady?  Ahhh the wonderful career of D-list players in the afterlife!

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