Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evangilizing Pizza

I've been in a state of unrest and uneasiness.  Something about my life is rubbing me the wrong way but I can't quite put my finger on it.  Somehow I am not satisfied.  I have a great husband who's only goal in life is to be able to take care of me in all ways -- what more could I ask for?  I have a challenging job that pays me very good money -- what more could I ask for?  I have many wonderful friends and family who would do anything in the world for me -- what more could I ask for?  I have fantastic hobbies that keep my craving for creativity at bay -- what more could I ask for?

But I'm struggling and dissatisfied...restless even.

But tonight we had pizza delivered and in addition to to my pepperoni pizza we order every Tuesday night, our delivery guy delivered the pizza and a message.  It's the same young man who delivers our pizza every Tuesday night.  Usually Andy gets the door but for the last few weeks, I have been answering the door.  The first time, our delivery guy introduced himself and asked me my name.  From that first night on, he remembered my name.  I can not remember his.

Tonight, he took the money and turned to get into his car.  Then he stopped and turned around.  He was sort of embarrassed and didn't know how to say what he needed to say.  He asked my permission if he could tell me something that might be a little weird.  He stumbled on his words and finally just said, "OK, I know it is weird but I felt like on the drive over here God wanted me to give you a message."  He said this kind of breathless and rushed through the words.

"God wants you to know that all this doubt and restlessness you are feeling...God wants you to know that He can give you everything that you want."

I am not a religious person -- but I am spiritual.  I believe in nature and the goodness of people and dogs...which is just God backwards.  Dog is my co-pilot or in my case Dogs.  But I digress.  Most of the time I'm very uncomfortable when someone says something like this to me but tonight I didn't fell weird.  I just felt like he was telling me the truth. 

Oh I could go on forever with reasons why I logically can't believe in a higher being and how organized religion is really a flawed institution.  But, that's not the point.  I smell change in the air.  I love the smell of  change!

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